The fundraiser video for A Man's Tide.

Building a sandcastle together on a beach, a toddler helps a man process his grief. This short film is about loss, time, and finding meaning in life.

What is A Man's Tide?

A Man' s Tide is a short in pre-production, written and directed by Saul Lotzof. The production aims to shoot in late September of 2023, and is currently in the fundraising stage of their progression. To view the Kickstarter campaign, click here. 

What’s it about?

The story revolves around the experience of a middle-aged man, recently separated from his wife following a miscarriage. The film starts on the beach, the man is incidentally acquainted with a young child; the pair chat and build a sandcastle, waiting for the boy’s mother to return. 

The central tension exists between this child, Archie, and the man’s fragmented memories of his wife, the present moment on the beach serving as a painful reminder of the future the man has lost. 

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