A family dinner unravels into chaos behind a façade of sexual tension.


The table is set as usual for Kiddush barring one exception – four extra places. Amongst the usual eight Goldstones, tonight come the three Cohens, whose daughter links them to their hosts, and, more importantly, Samuel Goldstone’s girlfriend, Leah (early 20s).

The evening progresses as planned; the customary filial bickering, the obligatory small talk, the unnecessary drama – everything seems faultlessly normal, especially to Vincent Goldstone (mid 30s), the uncle. He enjoys his own grandeur at the table, sitting back from the quibbles of the dinner, calmly eyeing the coy Leah opposite, adding his own sardonic commentary to the discourse. 

But, as the theatrics subside, and conversations become more private, things intensify for Vincent. Subsequently, the heat of Leah’s glow melts the illusion of the demure dinner, as it starts to unlace into complete disarray. At least, for Vincent it does.

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