THE MILK BOTTLE is a short film about a boy whose father takes him out on a seemingly innocent pheasant shoot, only to be dumbfounded by what happens next.


THE MILK BOTTLE is a jarring short film about the delicacies and fragility of childhood.

The story follows GEORGE, a young and brittle boy, trudging through the forest in the early hours of the morning under the strict instructions of his rigid father. The duo encounter a flock of pheasants just over the hill, and George suddenly realizes why he is really here - to learn how to shoot.

Despite his unwavering fear, George places a blind trust in his father and slowly learns to conquer his fear; after his first shot at a milk bottle, he feels much better. However, George's next shot leads to a much more unexpected end to the experience then anyone would have thought.

A bit about the film

The script for the film was initially created in October 2017, following which the project gained a significant amount of momentum. After months of planning, shooting finally commenced on 14th February 2018, lasting 2 days in total. Following the challenging shoot, we had around 5 months of meticulous post-production which eventually came to a close on September 1st 2018.